We have recently launched a new "all in one" website where you can find the information on our full product range of towel rails and heating products.

The new website is at www.radiantheating.com.au


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Radiant Towel Rails

Radiant Towel Rail

Radiant Heated Towel Rails are manufactured from premium quality 304 grade polished stainless steel and now come with a 5-YEAR replacement warranty.

Our premium range of heated towel rails are available in a variety of sizes & styles, including round bar, square bar, non heated and floor to ceiling. You can see our heated towel rails on display and purchase them through a large number of high street retailers in all states of Australia. All of our heated towel rails have Australian approval & they come with a plug for 'soft wiring' AND a concealed wiring kit enabling them to be hard wired with no cable showing if required. We stock each model with cable on the left/right side and they can be inverted so that the cable exits from the top of the towel rail if required.